Coral News Update

An Open Letter To Friends and Practitioners from Dr. Bob Marshall, CEO, Premier Research Labs Recently, coral products have been receiving a lot of attention in the news. Unfortunately, the press coverage has been filled with partial truths and some outright...

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Pregnancy Program

General Recommendations To achieve a healthy pregnancy, the following is a list of nutritional supplements which contain the generally recommended amount of nutrients needed during pregnancy. The following amounts are typical recommendations for a female weighing...

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Nutrition Articles

Dr. Heise is pleased to offer the following nutrition articles to help you in making wise nutritional decisions on your journey to maximum health and well-being. Acrylamide Alzheimer's Disease  Antibiotics Aspartame Reactions Aspirin - Not Recommended Aspirin and...

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The Drug That Kills Bone Cells To Produce Denser But More Brittle, Weaker Bone Does Fosamax (alendronate) really prevent bone loss? Is it safe? Are there long-term studies? No Long Term Studies Two studies reported that the drug, alendronate, prevents osteoporosis in...

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