Services & Pricing

New Client/New QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis): $350

Initial Consultation to become an established client requires an in-person, face-to-face consultation with the practitioner. Initial visit includes:

  • Complete, full body Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) to test every organ and gland point on the body.
  • Testing of the Basic-15 NAET allergens, sensitivities, or intolerances.( NAET treatment may be included if time permits)
  • Testing for Interference Fields caused by past physical trauma, injury, surgeries, or accidents.
  • Testing for basic Emotional Repolarization Therapy (ERT) concepts to determine the presence of unhealthy subconscious beliefs that could block healing.
  • A follow up report with a detailed protocol and instructions are provided at the end of each visit.
  • The initial visit includes 1.5 to 2 hours of in-office testing and assessment.
  • Initial testing does not include the price of nutrients.(We try our best to keep this expense to a minimum)
  • Additional time is $99 per 30 minutes. The average time frame most clients follow a therapeutic program is 4 – 6 months, before being moved to the maintenance phase.

Follow-Up QRA: $85 (Full Test) $45 (Quick Test)

Follow-up visits are usually scheduled every 30-60 days to assess the progress of your healing journey. With a Quick-Test we will only re-check the points that previously tested ‘off’, and see what has improved, and if we can reduce the amount of nutrients that you are taking…or see if you can move on to the next phase. Your updated protocol is provided after each visit. Your follow-up visit is scheduled for 30 minutes. A Full Test is given if it has been over 30 days.

NES Health Scan: $85 (Initial scan is free)

The NES Scan will look at blocked/distorted energetic pathways/meridians. The scan will recommend the necessary Infoceuticals to provide the correct information to the energetic pathways. The scan will also look at nutrients the body requires in order to help heal itself. The cost of the scan does not include the cost of the Infoceuticals or nutrients. Your NES Scan is scheduled for 30 minutes. The scan itself will only take about 20 seconds, then the practitioner will go over the results in depth and provide you with a recommended protocol.

NAET Initial Visit: $300

  • Extensive client health history assessment. 
  • Nutritional or homeopathic products may be recommended to help the healing and/or detoxification process.
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) will be used to test immune system function, and overall digestive health (which can contribute to allergies/sensitivities/intolerances)
  • MR Testing for the Basic-15 items and a treatment session of the first item. These Basic-15 are the things that your body needs in order to function properly. Once we get through those, we can address immediate concerns.
  • Initial visit is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of one-on-one time with the practitioner,followed by recommendations and a treatment plan to move forward.
  • Lab work (Alcat or Microwell) may be recommended based on the results of testing during the initial visit.

NAET Follow-Up: $75

  • Follow-up visits are 30 minutes.
  • Clearing of 1 item or group of items.
  • If additional time is needed for extensive testing (more than 10 minutes) this could increase the cost of the ‘follow up consultation fee’.
  • Please keep in mind, certain items could require more than one visit to clear, especially if it is a problematic item. Every effort will be made to clear each item with as few sessions as possible.

Initial ERT (Emotional Repolarization Technique): $85

Dealing with “trapped emotions” or thought patterns that are causing issues with your health or preventing you from healing. ERT sessions usually last 30 minutes or less, depending on how deep your body wants to go.

ERT Follow-Up: $45

Continuing to deal with trapped emotions and thought patterns that are disrupting your health. ERT sessions usually last 30 minutes or less, depending on how deep your body wants to go.

Bemer Session (single): $20 for 8 minutes

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that, during an 8-minute session, sends a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field to the body in order to safely stimulate healthy muscles which temporarily enhances local blood flow, resulting in better disbursement of oxygen within the target tissues while supporting the elimination of CO2. Additional benefits from regular use of BEMER may include reduced stress, improved relaxation, optimized physical performance, enhanced muscle conditioning and physical fitness, and a better overall feeling of wellbeing.

Bemer Package of 10 Sessions: $150 (a savings of $50)

Get ten 8 minute sessions for $15 each when you buy a package of ten Bemer sessions. A savings of $50.