We have experienced stunning success in helping many patients with conditions ranging from hormonal imbalance to severe disease. Heise Health Clinic is Orlando’s spot for 21st century clinical nutrition with years of successful experience.

It is our mission at Heise Health Clinic, to provide top-quality healthcare to our patients. We coach our patients to regain health and wellness through the latest scientific, natural and drugless therapies via education, information, support and encouragement. We recognize organic and uncompromising nutrients found in herbs are powerfully able to target, through cellular resonance, a quick recovery.

The university-proven method of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) exceeds blood tests in locating dis-ease in organ/gland function and quickly restores bio-energetic function and wellness. This is the place for drugless medicine. Heise Health Clinic is recognized as the expert anti-aging and health and wellness destination.

As Central Florida’s Alternative Medicine Center, we have successfully coached our patients toward recovery from the following conditions. We invite you to read the following testimonials of our patients.


Here are some messages from our some of our patients who wanted to share their experiences!

Our Patients in their Own Words

Here are even more accounts of the spectacular results people have experienced at Heise Health Clinic!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) during my second pregnancy. My episodes were painful and debilitating. I was unable to walk, urinate, and had an extreme nerve sensitivity/pain in my extremities. I also experienced Transverse Myelitis and Optic Neuritis which effected my balance and vision. Between my episodes I would suffer extreme fatigue and tingling of my limbs, finding it hard to tackle daily responsibilities. I started supplements following a QRA evaluation one year after the diagnosis and I have experienced great results! I’m much stronger and the fatigue is gone. Furthermore, I have been completely episode free. I know Dr. Heise’s expertise is giving me hope and recovery for an outrageously healthy future. Thank you, Dr. Heise, for your expertise and care.

-Amy M.

Structural Issues, Digestion and Intestinal

I have been a patient of Dr. Heise for the past two years. When I first visited his office I was a physical wreck. I suffered with stomach problems, back problems, intestinal problems and now through his knowledge of the physical body I have received a new lease on life. I am now on “maintenance” only.

I thank God that I was referred to Dr. Heise because I believe that the secret to his success is his trust and faith in God who has given him the knowledge to succeed.

-Art W.

Candida Yeast, Leaky Gut, Food Allergies, Primary Ciliary Immotile Syndrome

I have been a patient of Dr. Heise for the past nine years. At the age of 36, I was experiencing muscle and joint aches, overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, chronic cough, sinusitis and lung infections. I thought I had developed a debilitating disease such as chronic fatigue. After an appointment with a doctor who gave me nine prescriptions, told me I would need to use a nebulizer three times daily to treat the ciliary problem in my lungs, use oxygen full time by the time I was 40, and that my blood test results showed I might have lupus, I felt lost and thought this was no way to live life that there must be another way, and then I found the answer to my prayers: Dr. Heise!

Dr. Heise took the time to explain to me I had several things going on in my body, chronic Candida yeast overgrowth, leaky gut, and multiple food allergies. He put me on a regime to kill the Candida yeast, repair the leaky guy and remove offending allergic foods from my diet. This was in 2001. Within six months, I had renewed energy, felt back to my old self and had fewer lung and sinus infections.

In 2005, we moved from Florida to California. At this time, my cough returned and there was blood in the mucous. I traveled to Florida where Dr. Heise performed Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) and discovered parasites and flukes in multiple organs, a high level of heavy metals, and interference fields from a fall I had taken when I was two when I hit my head. I started the detox programs, which were easy to follow and in a matter of months felt much better. The blood in my mucous went away as well as my cough. I am currently clearing my food allergies using the Allergy Remediation Program. I am happy to report I have cleared wheat, eggs, milk, cane sugar, yeast and almonds. I am able to eat them again without any allergy symptoms. We are currently working on the ciliary immotile syndrome. Dr. Heise has taken the time to speak to the researchers at Premier Laboratory to ask if they have heard of this disease and if they know of a cure.

Dr. Heise truly cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and explain how the nutrients he prescribes work within the body. There have been many times when he has called me in California (a three hour time change) when it was 11:00 pm in Florida. Not to many doctors I know do this! If you want to live a healthier life without medications, take time to make an appointment with Dr. Heise. He will change your life like he changed mine.

-Kristen P.

Retinal Tears and Detachment of Eye

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous success I have experienced following your “alternative approach” and using the Premier line of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If you don’t mind, I would like to briefly document my latest experience with your “alternative approach to healing.”

As you know, I had already had 2 significant retinal detachments in my right eye, starting in late November of last year (2008) and 2 successful laser surgeries to repair them. Although the surgeries were extremely successful I had a lot of “debris” (dried blood, white blood cells, detachment fragments, etc…) left in the liquid portion of my eye from the original tears and lasering. The retina specialist explained that the retina often has an adverse reaction to this kind of matter “pooling” at the bottom of the eye and often precipitates another tear or detachment.

She highly recommended doing a procedure called PPV (pars plana vitrectomy), involving draining all the liquid from my eye then refilling with gas, so she could see what was happening to the retina where all the debris was collecting. This procedure is a highly invasive one, with a very high risk of developing cataracts within six months to a year, and requiring lying face down 24/7 for 2 weeks after the procedure to assist in proper healing.

Needless to say, I did not have a good feeling about a third major trauma to my eye within a 3 month period. As you may recall, during a routine spinal adjustment visit, I explained to you at a high-level what I had been going through the past several months and what the retina specialist was now recommending. I will always remember your words to me when I had finished my story: “Don’t let her operate on your eye. We can fix this with an alternative approach, without surgery.”

You then began to explain Quantum Reflex Analysis, how you came about finding it in your research, and how and why this approach and Premier Research Laboratory’s product line of support were superior to anything you had investigated. It made a lot of sense to me. After some specific testing, you outlined a detailed prescription of minerals and nutrients from PRL, a processed-sugar free diet, and a couple of cleansing procedures to rid my gut of parasites, bad bacteria, and free radicals. We would then target the eye and inflammation causing the original tears and detachments with more tissue-specific nutrients. You asked me if I could somehow buy two weeks time from the doctor. You thought she would see a slight improvement in just two weeks on the plan you had outlined.

Even though the eye doctor wanted to do the PPV within 48 hours of our visit, I was able to get her to agree to postpone the surgery for two weeks, to see if our “alternative approach” would have a positive affect on my eye. To her credit, she agreed to give me two weeks, and to closely monitor this condition until a decision could be reached regarding the surgery she thought was needed.

After exactly two weeks, the eye doctor acknowledged a very slight improvement in the cloudy, opaque, bottom of my eye. It was all the motivation I needed. I executed your plan precisely for the next 3 months, and by the end of May of this year, after numerous thorough exams, she stated that my eye was totally clear, the debris at the bottom had totally disappeared and the entire retina looked great.

Nothing speaks louder about alternative medicine than results. Unfortunately, anyone who embraces alternative medicine will have to contend with the Western medical and insurance company mentality and its resistance to acknowledge a more natural, alternative approach as a viable option – but it is worth the battle. Thank you, Dr. Heise, for investing so much of your life into researching the body’s natural healing potential, and incorporating Quantum Reflex Analysis, and Premier Research Laboratories into your practice.

-Mark B.

Wellness Care

My wife and I are business people at the same location in Riverview, Florida for over thirty years. We believe in preventive health maintenance. We have both gone through QRA and have experienced many health benefits, including increased energy, more restful sleep and better digestion.

I would invite anyone “who is sick and tired of being sick and tired,” to phone Dr. Heise and his awesome staff in Winter Park, Florida at 407.677.1660. A visit to a QRA practitioner will change your life forever.

-Dan and Bev A.

Fatigue and Glaucoma

Before coming to see Dr. Heise I thought that I was living a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, spiritual development, regular bowel movements). Even so I was fatigued both mentally and physically.

Dr. Heise performed a QRA on me and placed me on a protocol of nutrients and a cleansing regiment. I began to notice a difference within days. Today (approximately 6 months later) I realized that my so called “healthy body” lacked the ability to cleanse and heal itself.

Additionally, I was at the point of losing sight in my right eye. The eye wall was collapsed. Now the eye wall is re-established with capillaries! Truly a miracle from God Almighty! Thanks Dr. Heise.

-Julius D.

Mercury Poisoning and Chronic Fatigue

During the month of April of 2008 I was nearly poisoned to death from the accumulation of mercury in my body, due to having 10 large old silver fillings. I went for blood tests and found out that my mercury and lead levels were off the charts. I tried everything you can think of to get better. I suffered brutal migraines, constant fatigue, and aches and pains all over. I was referred to Dr. Heise by a good friend who was feeling great after doing the program. At the time I was discouraged, very tired and broke. After the QRA Test it showed that just about every vital organ was barely working. Dr. Heise recommended a tailor made nutrient treatment plan according to my specific needs.

I am writing this testimony three (3) months later. I have never felt better in my life. Abundant energy, hair and skin glowing, no more aches and pains, and migraines gone. I am so thankful for having this opportunity to get well using non-toxic positive nutrients to regain health and strength. God Bless You, Dr. Heise, and all those you help.

-Susan D.

Digestive Problems and Extreme Exhaustion

I have been a patient of Dr. Heise for almost a year now. I was tested in January 2008 and I was so weak at that time it was difficult to stand for the length of the test which is usually about a hour.

I had issues with most of my organs. The digestive system was tested not to be functioning very well, as was the kidneys, liver, etc. Dr. Heise has taken a couple of areas at a time and we have worked on these areas with the nutrients designed for each area.

I feel so healthy and alive!! I feel as though Dr. Heise has helped to give me a new life. So if you are not feeling well and are unhealthy, please contact him.

-Jean, Age 69

Severe Gout

The past ten years I have had periods of painful attacks of gout (a form of arthritis). For the last two years the gout had affected the majority of my joints. In fact, I was in pain morning, noon and night. My doctor gave me pain, inflammation and arthritis medicines which would temporarily relieve the pain. Eventually the pain would return with a vengeance. I would eat organic food, get plenty of sleep and attempt to do light forms of exercise but my situation still got worse. Eight months ago I could only walk down stairs leading with one leg stopping to wrestle with the pain and then taking another step using the same leg to lead me to the next step.

My son referred me to Dr. Heise to see if he could possibly help me. Dr. Heise tested me with the Quantum Reflex Analysis and said there were many health issues I had to address. I began following the nutritional he put me on. Dr. Heise would call me to see how I was progressing and at times he would adjust the nutritional program designed for my issues. There are not may doctors today that would take time out of their busy schedules to call a patient see how they were doing.

I have been on the program for the last eight months and have had amazing results. Last week I was at my small farm in southern Georgia carrying a 50 pound bag of corn on my shoulder. I went down the stairs with a bounce in my gait, the same stairs that in the past I could barely walk down without pain. I stopped, put the bag of corn down and said a prayer to God thanking him for Dr. Heise.

I am continuing my program with Dr. Heise and would say that 98 percent of the pain and soreness is gone. I have not felt this good in 10 years.


Anxiety Attacks

I became a chiropractic patient of Dr. Heise in 1975 when I was 22. By end of 2006, I hadn’t seen him for many months due to financial hardship. That same hardship, through an accumulation of long-term problems became very severe; so severe that I became terrified of a horrible death; so terrified that I considered suicide. Thankfully I was prevented from suicide. For months I struggled to survive very precarious financial and occupational handicaps. All through this time, I had numerous strange physical and mental symptoms, including severe anxiety attacks, sometimes hours long, sometimes days. Eventually through a strange chain of events, Dr. Heise found out about it and suspected I had a significant chemical imbalance affecting my neurotransmitters, causing severe confusion and loss of hope when under stress. Through QRA, he found flukes, parasites and ancient interference fields (head trauma and scars) as the causes of this. Numerous lesser problems abounded as well. Even as my life was still falling apart around me, God enabled me to survive long enough to slowly acquire the supplies of needed nutrients to overcome these severe problems.

I’m so happy to report that each regimen of these super-nutrients worked perfectly and right on the predicted schedule! I became totally free of the invading creatures that had been infecting me for decades. And as a result, during the course of the schedule I gradually ceased having anxiety attacks. Such freedom is a tremendous relief! And since then, my overall mental AND physical health is greatly improving, and I have great and confident hopes of becoming healthier than I’ve ever been my whole life. I’m SO grateful to God and my old friend, Dr. Heise, for QRA. If he had not nearly died of cancer and found QRA to save his life, I would still be infected and might possibly have eventually died myself from suicide.

My life is still circumstantially far from being recovered to what it should be for a guy of my age and background, but I’m well on the way back, thanks to the loving prayers of many people and to God who honored his amazing natural laws of quantum physics through Quantum Reflex Analysis.

-Tom C.

Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia, Auto Accident Injuries

In 1999, after eight visits to a general practitioner and two specialists, there was still no diagnosis for the increasing burning sensations in my joints. Partial relief each day was only possible while taking an anti-inflammatory prescription. Medical tests gave no explanation for my symptoms or why the drugs provided only partial relief for a few hours.

As the weeks grew into months, more joints began to be effected with the burning sensation. It became difficult to even stand for any period of time, since my knees experienced the most pain. My condition was growing worse and my lifestyle was diminishing.

At this point, I first saw Dr. Heise for a consultation. Tests revealed fibromyalgia from an unhealthy intestinal tract that would not dispose of toxins but were being dumped back into my system. A change in my diet and specific nutrients brought continuing decrease in the joint burning sensations. As my body healed, all symptoms disappeared.

I have continued to be a patient of Dr. Heise since 1999. He has helped me recover from an automobile accident and other health issues which had existed. Dr. Heise and his staff continually demonstrate an eagerness and compassion to bring healing to anyone who walks through the doors of the Clinic.

-Stephanie H.

Severe Cognition/ADHD

For years our identical twin boys have struggled with challenges on how to process their thoughts and the world around them. They have had speech delays, sensory processing challenges as well as some fine and gross motor skill delays. There had been occupational therapist, speech therapist, IEP’s, meetings with counselors, books read and many, many prayers. As they got older and entered elementary school we reached a point where we began to consider what we felt was an avenue of last resort, having them tested to see if medication was the only option we had left.

Thankfully before we began to proceed down that avenue, we had a discussion with Dr. Heise. We shared with him about their speech delays, and also how their entire bodies would tense up as they struggled to express what was on their mind. We told him that one of our boys had developed a minor stutter and would clench his eyes shut as he would try to form sentences. We explained how too many things to process at one time would cause them to rock on the balls of their feet and move their arms rapidly. We explained to Dr. Heise that it almost seemed to us that many of these symptoms were observed around meals and snacks. Was that really possible?

What followed was an explanation that told us not only was it possible but it was extremely likely. With care, kindness, and compassion, Dr. Heise began to little by little unpack his vast knowledge on how what we put into our bodies directly influences the way our bodies behave.

One year later the changes we have seen in our boys are not only drastic but near miraculous. During that first conversation, I never expected that a diet change and added nutrients alone could have such a significant impact on their lives. What I now know is that Dr. Heise has allowed our boys to overcome so many of the challenges they face without us having to resort to medicating them. We are forever grateful.

-Gregory and Kathy H.

I Feel Great!

I turned 59 the other day and I feel better than I have EVER felt. I owe all of my good health to Dr. Heise and QRA. Before having my QRA. I would wake up more tired than I went to bed. I’d start to fall asleep while driving— my whole circadian rhythm was off. Nutrients made some small improvements, but had not addressed the real problem.

My QRA diagnosis was a shocker: heavy metals poisoning and parasites. I took the metals urine test and found that my lead and mercury levels were very high. Since taking the chelation therapy and the parasite treatment, my life is now on track. I’ve lost 40 pounds, sleep normally and feel fantastic. I think that everyone who grew up around lead paint, lead gas and well water, as I did, should take a heavy metals test.


It Works!

Thanks to Dr. Heise and his expertise and nutrients I have lost 18 lbs in 2 months. I went from 212 lbs, to 194 lbs. My blood pressure went from 145/95 taking two medications a day to 130/80 and now only one medication every 4 days.

Robert S.