Homemade Kefir

The Source Is Everything We always say, “The source is every-thing.” This means that unless the source of a product is premier quality, the benefits of taking the product may be very poor. And this definitely applies to kefir and yogurt. All kefir and yogurts are not...

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Herbal Extracts

Beware of Toxic, Un-Natural Processing Standardization of Herbs by Nathan Jaynes, M.H., Student Advisor, School of Natural Healing A look into the way some plants are standardized should show just how un-natural this whole process is. Below is a common way alkaloids...

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Cleansing the Colon

The Coffee Enema The caffeine directly stimulates peristaltic muscle action to contract more powerfully and loosen deposits, which are occasionally visible as hard, black material and “ropes” of mucus. Warm reverse osmosis water, omitting the coffee, may be used but...

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Weight Loss Food Plan

Today there is much confusion about diet plans and diets. Dr. Page’s food plan is not a diet but a food plan as the name implies. It was created at the famous Page Clinic in Florida, blood chemistry panels were taken every three to four days on all patients. He based...

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